“How using mysteries supports science learning” booklet available online

How using mysteries supports science learningWelcome to teaching the TEMI way! The TEMI consortium authored and published the booklet “How using mysteries supports science learning” now available online and soon distributed in printed copies at trainings workshops and conferences. In the booklet, teachers will be introduced to an exciting new way to teach science in the classroom.  The booklet has four short chapters that introduce, explain and provide examples of the four TEMI teaching innovations. Practical suggestions, or “Teaching TEMI tips”, that teachers can use in the classroom are also included.  The TEMI consortium hopes this book will give European teachers ways in which they can allow students to become better independent learners and strategies for developing the skills needed for enabling enquiry-based learning using mysteries. There are a number of resources for further reading listed at the end of this book, along with links to classroom activities and “Mysteries of the Month” on the TEMI website. The TEMI partners believe that applying TEMI to teaching will improve student attainment and create more impactful teaching. We hope teachers will try out the method and agree!