The role of TEMI teachers

After the annual meeting in Milan, TEMI Israel started planning for the first workshop of the new cohort. The workshop started with a discussion on the classroom experiences of the participating teachers: a few of them had conducted TEMI activities in their classrooms before attending the workshop. Their positive feedback motivated the other teachers at the workshop to test the TEMI methodology and seek practical advice. The second part of the workshop was dedicated to a new TEMI activity, developed and presented by Ben Osher, a teacher who had participated in an earlier TEMI cohort. Tentatively titled ‘Laboratory under investigation’, the activity is soon expected to be translated into English. TEMI Israel highly recommends the approach of involving teachers from previous cohorts so that they can act as role models, provide helpful suggestions and inspire other teachers. In turn, these teachers can benefit from the on-going support of the TEMI trainers and the national community.