The Light Mystery theatre show

TEMI Congres first day, at Leiden, finished with the “Light Mystery theatre show”, performed by Marina Carpineti, Marco Giliberti and Nicola Ludwig with a great involvement by the enthusiastic public.

TEMI Congress Leiden Light Show

Original Italian version by Marina Carpineti, Marco Giliberti and Nicola Ludwig.
Translated in English by Nicholas Sarson, Dorothée Loziak and Peter McOwan.
Director: Emiliano Bronzino.

An alleged alien, a university professor and a teacher find themselves by chance together with a secondary school class, in midst of traditional teaching and an exam. Through a series of fun experimental adventures and engaging stories they explore ideas around the properties of light, of motion and gravity, and the electro-magnetic spectrum.
The play is a critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of traditional by the book teaching methods, a pedagogy where the teacher explains topics and gives answers to questions students have not even asked. This counterpoints the other approach which runs through the play, around enquiry based learning, where the students undertake their own research to explore and understand the topics.