The involvement of pre-service science teachers

TEMI Ireland published a paper in “LUMAT: Research and Practice in Math, Science and Technology Education”, based on the talk given at the 2014 ECRICE conference in Finland.  This current discussion paper explores the approaches taken by the University of Limerick project team to bring about change in Irish second-level science teaching, as part of the TEMI project. In particular, it focuses on the unique aspect of this institution’s approach, which is the involvement of pre-service science teachers (PSST’s) in the project. The role of PSSTs in the project is explored under three main headings: “TEMI and the PSST as researcher”, “TEMI and professional learning communities” and “TEMI and PSST’s collaboration with co-operating teachers”. The paper concludes with a discussion on the benefits of involving PSSTs in the TEMI project. You can find the full article Teaching enquiry with mysteries incorporated: The benefits of involving pre-service teachers” here.