The full dimension of teaching at TEMI

Do you remember when children used to have oranges as gifts for Christmas? Well, not so long after this day of presents, in early January, TRACES – the TEMI partner in charge of internal evaluation – was blessed with the scenery of whole orchards of orange trees and other citrus fruits in the lovely setting of the Weizmann Institute, and with the warm welcome of the team. On campus, anyone can pick a fruit or drink a freshly squeezed juice while playing with his family or discussing fundamental knowledge with colleagues studying all sorts of topics.

This heavenly picture could not be tarnished by the unusual very stormy weather, which did not prevent many very brave and motivated teachers from coming to participate in the workshops held on the 6 in Rehovot. Teachers from all ages, teaching various grades and languages (some Hebrew, some Arabic) very willingly shared their enthusiasm for the TEMI approach, stressing for example the fun they were having and what it allowed: to show rather than to tell, to fully exploit the physical or emotional dimension of teaching. They were eager for more activities and more activities from other countries, and wanted to be able to test them as soon as they had learned about them through quick online availability.