TEMI teacher science conference in Norway



On the 6th of April 2016, the University College of Southeast Norway (USN) arranged a science conference for teachers, marking the end of the TEMI-teacher programme in Norway. Approximately 400 science teachers from the region participated in the conference, which took place at campus Vestfold. The main theme of the day was to engage in science, as well as the four TEMI pillars of mysteries, showmanship, GRR and the 5E model. The day was divided in plenary shows, as well as parallel sessions with hands-on workshops, where the teachers could test and be introduced to activities involving mysteries and inquiry in science. The brilliant conveyer of showmanship, magician and medicine student, Kristine Hjulstad (photo above), performed an inspiring session of magic. She enchanted the audience, and gave also a parallell session about the brain, and how it sometimes fools us.


One of the brilliant speakers of the day, was professor Stein Dankert Kolstø (picture above), from the University of Bergen. Kolstø presented a great talk about how students learn through talking to each other during inquiry, and gave us plenty of ideas how we can encourage students talk together, in order to increase their understanding of scientific concepts.

In order to call the conference a science-conference, a class of biology was necessary. Line Jansrud (photo below), TV-host and doctor, gave a springy talk about the human body from its birth to puberty. Jansrud pointed out that the use of concretes, models and true images are of good help during teaching about the human body, and that we should be more open to students of all ages about the changes and processes taking place in the body during puberty.


We would like to thank EU and TEMI for making it possible for us to arrange a great day for science with this TEMI conference. A platform where science teachers can meet, share ideas and get a refill of science is highly wanted, based on several teacher feedbacks. The University College of southeastern Norway wish to continue arranging similar conferences in the future, to keep the TEMI idea alive in the teachers practice.