TEMI ready to lift off at the European Space Agency

This week, the TEMI project had the unique opportunity to  participate to the ESA Summer Teachers Programme that is taking place in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, to talk about the mystery of flat galaxies. During the workshop, 60 European teachers discussed  how to explain the concept of gravity to secondary school students by using the enquiry based approach and the TEMI methodology. “It is great to see such a large group of inspiring science teachers, working together with so much enthusiasm on a TEMI mystery!” said Wouter Schrier, TEMI Dutch project manager who delivered the workshop.  The contribution of TEMI to the programme continued in the evening, when magician Tilman Andris, who is actively collaborating with the TEMI consortium, had a great time appearing before an audience of 120 enthusiastic teachers. Apart from performing a show, he spoke to the teachers about how to exploit the similarities between magic tricks and science experiments. “Magicians have thought long and hard about how to entertainingly present situations that very much resemble scientific demonstrations,” said Andris. “Without any need to introduce uncalled-for theatrics, many of the magician’s presentational techniques can be applied by teachers when they conduct classroom experiments.” We thank the ESA organisers for the fruitful collaboration and for the chance to introduce the  TEMI methodology to motivated educators.