TEMI James’ magic sand at Scientix 2014

TEMI at Scientix 2014

TEMI partners who participated in Scientix 2014

During the weekend, Scientix  organised one of the largest events in STEM education in Europe with 79 talks, 14 workshops, 7 round-tables, 25 exhibition stands and over 600 participants. Teachers, educators and policymakers showcased various European and national initiatives and presented the different tools, resources and methodologies in STEM education across Europe.
The TEMI consortium participated to the conference with a stand that attracted a large number of teachers curious to try some TEMI mysterious demonstrations –  from the Heron horse to the lovemeter and James’ magic sand – and eager to collect material and information about TEMI. Teachers who visited the stand showed appreciation about TEMI for the combination of a solid methodological background – the 5E and the Gradual Release of Responsibility – with sound examples of engaging and mysterious activities to be implemented in the classroom. We would like to thank all the Scientix teachers who visited the TEMI stand for the enriching talks and  inspiring discussions.
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