TEMI Ireland is recruiting teachers

TEMI Ireland is actively recruiting teachers for TEMI future cohorts. In October, the University of Limerick – TEMI partner in Ireland - gave a short presentation at a national conference for science teachers called ChemEd-Ireland.  This reached over 70 second level science teachers. Following the presentation, quite a number of teachers approached the TEMI team at the coffee break, to discuss the project further, and as a result of this, some teachers have asked to be selected to take part in the TEMI workshops over the next year. The recent TEMI “taster” workshops at the national AMGEN and PDST (Professional Development Service for Teachers) science teachers’ conference also proved successful in recruiting teachers for next Cohorts 3 and 4. In total, 73 teachers were reached through these workshops and all of these teachers expressed interest in implementing some aspects of the TEMI teaching approach.