TEMI in primary science teacher education

At the University of Bremen, TEMI activities have been implemented into pre-service secondary chemistry teacher training modules since October. 24 teachers-to-be tested the TEMI classroom activities and prUntitledovided very positive feedback on the TEMI ideas and methodology. Currently, a selected set of TEMI examples are also used to enrich
a chemistry course for prospective primary science student teachers. The new course will take place in February/March 2015. Selected lesson plans like the Magic Sand Mystery, The Color Changing Markers or the Chameleon Bubbles will be presented and implemented during the laboratory practical experiences. So far 14 students registered for the course and TEMI Germany hopes that primary school teachers will appreciate the TEMI innovations as secondary school teachers did so far. If the attending teachers will become interested in how the mysteries can be incorporated in a science lesson, TEMI Germany will support them to learn how to develop their own mystery lesson plans for primary education too.