TEMI hires illusionist to train teachers in performance skills

TEMI Netherlands invited a very special guest to lead the session dedicated to showmanship during the first TEMI workshop that took place in Leiden. Who better than a maestro of mystery and a professional illusionist could fit the bill and engage the attending teachers? Tilman Andris –  a philosopher by training who turned down a PhD position for a career as professional magician – taught the teachers how to engage their students and introduced them to the theory and logic behind magic. Tilman explained that the audience needs to be aware of the things they should expect in order to be surprised and that a great effort has to be put in order to create tension in the room. This is the reason why storytelling is a crucial passage to build up expectations during a show. Learning how to perform, to tell a story and to focus the attention is as important as difficult to be implemented in a classroom.  For this reason, showmanship is one of the four innovations on which TEMI will focus  during next workshops with the help of magicians like Tilman.