TEMI Goes to Asia

The first iSER World Conference on science education in Cappadocia (Turkey) was the meeting ground for the University of Bremen (Germany) and Chiba University (Japan) to discuss and exchange ideas on physics experiments that incorporate mysteries. Prof. Shuichi Yamashita from Chiba University presented an interesting mystery based on thermal convection using thermo ikura (alginate) bubbles. This physics experiment is closely related to the chameleon bubbles mystery currently under development at the University of Bremen. The chameleon (alginate) bubbles experiment focuses on acid-base-chemistry. These parallels initiated discussion and thoughts on collaboration. Chiba University has invited Prof. Ingo Eilks from Bremen to visit Chiba in spring 2015, not only to deliver a series of exciting presentations and workshops, but also to set a framework for future collaboration. Until then, cooperation on experiments with alginate bubbles in chemistry and physics education is very much appreciated and underway from both sides. To watch the video: