TEMI gets in full swing at the University of Limerick

The University of Limerick TEMI team held the second of their two one-day teacher training workshops on April 5th for the first cohort of participating teachers. The workshop, which was attended by four in-service science teachers and four pre-service science teachers (PSST), was hands-on and very interactive. Participants were invited to present their feedback based on their experiences of implementing TEMI lessons in their school since the first day at the workshop. “The overall experience helps your teaching and learning and motivates you to continue to develop your own personal teaching skills” said one of the attending teachers. Each in-service teacher also demonstrated one of their developed TEMI lessons in the laboratory.  These lessons were based on mysteries which varied in topics and grade level but were all excellent in capturing a sense of suspense and wonder in the rest of the group. “It is extremely useful to be reminded to reflect on what we are doing in the classroom as teachers” told a teacher to the Limerick team “and how to develop and improve students’ experiences”. Lightening under Water, Burly Bubbles and the Decolourising Potassium Permanganate with Steel Wool were just some of the lessons that were demonstrated at the workshop. All of the teachers, both in-service and pre-service, now have access to a vast bank of resources for Junior and Senior Cycle science classes and are already linking the mysteries that they have developed and learned about to the syllabi in order to have a list ready to do next term.