TEMI continues at the Chemielehrerfortbildungzentrum Bremen-Oldenburg

The Institute for Science Education at the University of Bremen is one of the hosts of the Chemielehrerfortbildungzentrum Bremen-Oldenburg (CLFZ HB-OL). The CLFZ HB-OL is one of seven in-service training centres for science and chemistry teachers in Germany. The centres are financed and supported by the German chemical society (GDCh), the trust of the German chemical industry (FCI), and other partners. For more than 10 years now, the CLFZ HB-OL is supported by the GDCh and FCI with about 35.000 € per year to offer half- and one-day teacher education events. The events are dealing with new topics for science teaching, innovative pedagogies, laboratory safety, and student-centred and inquiry-based practical work. The CLFZ HB-OL offers up to 80 in-service teacher education events each year all over north-western Germany. We offer both courses offered on our own initiative and events organized on request in cooperation with regional teacher education initiatives and individual schools. For the coming years there will be regular TEMI events organized by us in Bremen. Half- and full-day TEMI events also became part of the list of courses that we are offering on request. Materials developed within TEMI will be used as the base for these courses with which we hope to contribute the further dissemination of the project outcomes. See www.lfz.uni-bremen.de.