TEMI Congress – The workshops

The second day offered us a brunch of challenging workshops on a very creative atmosphere. Have a look:

TEMI Congress Leiden second day

  • Worst scenarios: an inquiry into science education projects nightmares -“It could be worse. It could be raining”.
  • The student experience of TEMI.
  • How magicians fool our brains. What a teacher can learn from a magician?
  • Bubbles in Bubble Tea: No! – Bubbles in Science Classes: Yes?
  • See the atom, touch the atom!
  • Maths made magic.
  • Big unsolved science mysteries in the classroom.
  • Responsible research and teaching strategies.
  • Theatre and Science.
  • Discovering the 5Es using indicators.
  • The circus of mysteries.
  • The synergetic link between Showmanship and Inquiry: some practical examples.
  • The imaginary magazine of science education.
  • Make your own mystery videos with tablet PCs or smartphones.
  • Let there be light!
  • Mystery suite.

TEMI Congress Leiden second day 2And the day end up with a TEMI fair, a truly magic dinner and…

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