TEMI Bremen is forming hubs for professional development

After the summer break, TEMI Bremen will start launching the first TEMI cohorts. Agreements were made with schools in Wilhelmshaven (100 km north-west of Bremen) and L√ľneburg (130 km south east of Bremen) to become TEMI project schools. These schools intent to participate in TEMI with their whole groups of science teachers and also will invite teachers from their local environments. Additional hubs will be formed in other regions like Ankum and Handrup (100 km south-west of Bremen) or Schwarzenbek (100 km east of Bremen). Negotiations were also made with three teacher trainee institutions in Bremen, Dortmund and Bochum (both the latter are in the west of Germany) to become also disseminators of the TEMI training workshops. If this cooperation will be approved by the corresponding institutions, a total of about 40-50 trainee teachers will participate in TEMI via this connection.