TEMI at the STEM Education Special Interest Day in Hamburg

The State Institute of Education in Hamburg organized a special interest day on STEM education on February 19, 2016. During the day, Johanna Dittmar and Fiona Affeldt from the University of Bremen were invited to organize a special TEMI event on scientific mysteries. Within a 90 minutes workshop 30 teachers had the chance to try out different mysteries and to discover how mysteries can provoke science inquiry, like the mysterious discoloration trick. This time the trick became really mysterious because the teachers discovered a change in the pH-value of a lemonade just by filtering. This normally cannot be the case. So the teacher started inquiring why the mystery went ‘wrong’, where the mistake was and experienced in the same time the ideas behind TEMI. Overall, the TEMI philosophy was captured among the teachers in Hamburg with enthusiasm and TEMI won several new fans. We are looking forward for more workshops to disseminate TEMI.