TEMI at the Annual Association of Science Education Conference

Untitled The TEMI team at Sheffield Hallam University has been busy promoting TEMI at the Annual Association of Science Education (ASE) conference, held at the University of Reading. ASE is the largest subject association in the UK and its flagship event is the Annual Conference, held every January at a university in the UK. “The ASE conference is a fantastic opportunity to share ideas and best practice in science education, as well as to learn about cutting edge research.” said Professor Alice Roberts, ASE President 2014. “I was blown away by the passion and enthusiasm of the science teachers I met there. There’s a great feeling of community which springs from the common aim of inspiring children about science.”  Participating teachers were very enthusiastic to hear about the TEMI innovations, particularly the wide range of mysteries that are being published on line.  For the TEMI consortium the conference was a unique occasion to present the TEMI methodologies to a large audience of motivated and innovative science teachers.