TEMI and Scientix together for the Projects’ Networking Event

The 5th Scientix Projects’ Networking Event will take place in London on Friday 24th of April 2015. This event will be organized as a collaboration between the TEMI project and Scientix, in conjunction with the “Cycle 3 – Teachers Panel Kick off 2″.  The one day event is open to project representatives from European and national science education projects. The projects must be public funded and either be included in the Scientix projects’ repository or in the process of being published (i.e. they must have been submitted at the time of the event via the project upload form).

After a brief introduction on the aim of the event by Scientix and on a keynote presentation by Peter McOwan, Queen Mary University of London, representatives attending will be able to present their projects. In the afternoon, sessions on the Materials created in projects: hands-on, online portals, papers, etc. will be organized in order to discuss issues, experiences and suggestions. The results will be published as a Scientix observatory paper co-authored by all participants. The Networking Event will be followed by a 2 day workshop for Scientix teachers, co-organised by TEMI and Scientix and hosted by the Centre of Cell of Queen Mary University of London.

To register to the event, visit the Scientix website.