TEMI and IGS Wilhelmshaven on a long term plan

For a second time the Dutch magician Tilman Andris worked with science teachers in Germany on the TEMI innovations. At the IGS (comprehensive school) Wilhelmshaven, Tilman gave a workshop on presentation skills and what science teachers can learn from illusionary presentations, magic tricks, storytelling and other forms of showmanship. The regional newspaper ‘Wilhelmshavener Zeitung’ published an article on TEMI, as they also did after the first workshop in February. TEMI objectives were presented under the title “The art of magic shall fascinate pupils”. Analogies between the work of a professional presenter and that of teachers were discussed and both the IGS Wilhelmshaven and the University of Bremen clearly stated that TEMI shall be only the start of a long term cooperation in terms of curriculum innovation and teacher continuous professional development.