Teachers as ‘master’ inquirer leading their ‘apprentice’ students

The TEMI team at Sheffield Hallam University is working closely to ensure that the CPD framework and high quality curriculum materials are flexible enough to build in the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) TEMI innovation.  The GRR model encourages teachers to teach skills in a similar way to the notion of apprenticeship – where the ‘master’ gradually inducts their students, or ‘apprentices’ into an area of expertise.

During the day 2 workshop that took place at the University of Hertfordshire, experienced workshop presenters modelled how teachers can act as the ‘master’ inquirer leading their ‘apprentice’  students by the hand, through tasks of gradually increasing challenge, to develop the independent skills associated with scientific work.  TEMI UK is also refining a selection of Lifelines as ‘cognitive scaffolds’ that help summarise the processes students need to follow to carry out an enquiry skill.

In December, TEMI UK will be running workshops in collaboration with the National Network of Science Learning and offering taster sessions to PGCE students. Should you be interested to participate, please don’t hesitate to contact us.