Storytelling and TEMI at the Vestfold College University

The Norwegian TEMI partner – the Vestfold College University – successfully completed the first  TEMI training session with teachers from the Sandefjord municipality. Fourteen in-service science teachers were introduced by  Majken Korsager (Norwegian Centre for Science Education) and Kirsten Fiskum (Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training) to the TEMI methodology. During the training, teachers – who had been previously encouraged to read about inquiry based science education - explored the 5E learning approach from different  perspectives, including the students’ point of view and how to modify their lessons to follow the proposed model. Back in their classrooms, the teachers tested  what they had learned and during the second training session had the opportunity to share and  discuss their experiences and doubts. The TEMI trainers, supported by a storytelling expert, helped the teachers to focus on the main issues which – they found out – were common to most of the teachers taking up the 5E methodology:  “is the level of inquiry appropriate for my students?”,  “how can we practically implement the gradual release of responsibility?”, “how can we effectively introduce a mystery in a science lesson?”. The training concluded with a theatre laboratory and teachers agreed that mysteries and inquiry are important elements for a science lesson: “I will definitely start telling stories to engage my students”, said one participant at the conclusion of the training.