Stay tuned for coming TEMI activity fact sheets

The TEMI consortium is currently busy developing classroom activities that will reflect the TEMI methodology and can be used in the classroom to introduce the 4 TEMI innovations: Create curiosity with Mysteries; Teach concepts with the 5E learning cycle; Teach skills with Gradual Release of Responsibility; Maintain motivation with Showmanship. The activities will start from practical examples from different disciplines to thoroughly explain how to implement a TEMI lesson and how to actively engage students. The fact sheets will include a short guidebook with tips and suggestions for teachers on how to use showmanship in the different phases of a lesson, from the engagement to the evaluation part. The TEMI classroom material will be a valid tool not only for the teachers attending the TEMI training workshops but also for those looking for new resources to improve their teaching methodology.  Translated in all TEMI consortium languages, the activities will be available on line by December 2014.