Some numbers about TEMI

temi_infoIn the pilot phase of the TEMI project – which concluded in December 2014 – we reached 173 teachers and offered 121 hours of training in 27 cities located in 10 different European countries.
81% of teachers who attended our sessions want to try the TEMI methodology in class and 65% of them felt they gained motivation to renew their teaching.
Teachers not only found the TEMI innovations relevant and interesting but also applicable in the context of their classroom, which confirms our effort to provide concrete examples to be tested with students.
We are proud of these results and numerous cohorts are in the agenda for the coming months, so please take the time to check our calendar for future opportunities. Should you be interested to participate to a TEMI training or get in touch with us at events and conferences, don’t hesitate to send us a message via the contact page.