Sharing TEMI ideas in Czech Republic

TEMI Czech Republic is experimenting with TEMI methodologies at three different levels:  1) in-service teachers, 2) pre-service science teachers and 3) stakeholders (university teachers, PhD students and employees of the National Educational Institute of the Ministry of Education of Czech Republic). In-service science teachers participated in the Market of Ideas for Chemistry Teachers in Brno, where they were introduced to the TEMI project with the help of practical examples. The use of mysteries at school and the IBSE method were also discussed. Pre-service teachers participated in two training sessions in November. At the sessions, they  learned more about the TEMI project and about strategies to implement TEMI activities in classrooms. For the stakeholders, a meeting was conducted among university teachers and PhD students at Trnava University (Slovakia) in November, where the PhD students presented a set of classroom resources designed according to the TEMI methodology.

Are you a Czech teacher?  Don’t hesitate to drop us a message and we will put you in contact with the Charles University of Prague.