Sharing best practises among TEMI partners

On 21st January TEMI Ireland ran its first workshop with the third cohort of teachers. This cohort comprised of 10 in-service science teachers, 5 male and 5 female, who ranged in teaching experience from 3-30 years. 3 of the pre-service science teachers who have been working on developing the TEMI mysteries in UL also attended and participated in the workshop. In addition to this, Julie and Kjetil from the TEMI Norway team travelled to Limerick to experience the Irish TEMI teacher training, in the hopes that we can learn from each other’s practice. The Norway team took part in the workshop by presenting the participants with an example of a 5E lesson entitled ‘Have you brushed your teeth?’ which left everybody puzzled and experiencing that ‘want-to-know’ feeling. The group worked well together, engaged in the workshop and came up with some excellent 5E lesson plans.