Picturing the perfect mystery

During the first phase of TEMI, TRACES – the project partner in charge of internal evaluation – asked the teachers enrolled in the trainings, to pick between a few choices to tell what a productive mystery meant to them. The most chosen answer was by far: “A mystery that makes students ask questions”. Thanks to these feedbacks, the consortium has now a clear picture of what the perfect mystery looks like to teachers: it is practical, attractive and brings pedagogical benefits. It must practical to be quick to use and simple to prepare and it must be part of the curriculum, to fit the topics taught in school. The “perfect mystery” is also attractive in the sense that brings a fresh element to the lesson,  being fascinating for teachers and motivating for students. As it involves students actively, creates cognitive conflict and connects to students’ everyday life, a good mystery is a great tool to allow enquiry.  If you have more feedbacks, don’t hesitate to share them with us!