New Master-Theses on Learning with Mysteries

Two research works in connection to TEMI were completed at the University of Bremen. Dana Krautwald and Christian Gerlach submitted successfully their theses to get the degree of Master of Education, a formal qualification step in Germany to become a science teacher at the secondary schooling level. Both of the theses were supervised by Dr. Dörte Ostersehlt from the Biology Education group within the Institute for Science Education (IDN) at the University of Bremen and in the same time being a member of the University of Bremen TEMI team. Dana developed mystery activities from the field of botany. Her classroom activities concerned e.g. phenomena of osmosis or water transport in plants. Christian developed mystery activities in connection to the human senses. Both theses indicate motivating effects of learning with mysteries but also knowledge development. From now on the new botany and human sense mystery activities will enrich the practical parts of the TEMI training sessions operated by the University of Bremen TEMI team. The first implementation of the new mystery activities will start from February 25, 2015, with a new cohort starting the TEMI program in Wilhelmshaven in northern Germany. Congratulations to Dana and Christian from the TEMI team!