Meet the TEMI teachers

From the first session of pilot cohorts back in 2014, over 350 teachers in 9 European countries have benefitted from an intense vis-à-vis programme to learn about the TEMI methodology. The objective is to reach over 540 teachers who, in their turn, will be able to train 1-2 colleagues who will add to the number of TEMI trained teachers, for a total of 1100 to 1600 impacted educators. As main stakeholders of the TEMI project, we invite you to virtually meet some TEMI teachers on our website. They said about TEMI “So far, my experiences with TEMI led to my consideration that it is a modern, student-oriented pedagogy that allows learners to follow and understand scientific inquiry and to have fun in finding scientific explanations for challenging scientific phenomena.” (Bettina Most, Germany) and “With TEMI, students are active participants in the discovery process and their ideas play an important part in the construction of scientific knowledge in the lesson”. (Margaret Duggan, Ireland)