Light mystery

Light Mystery, the theatre play developed by TEMI ItalyThe playscript of “Light Mystery“, the theatre play developed by TEMI Italy, was translated in 6 languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, Czech and Norwegian) and it is now available for theatre companies all over Europe. The show, authored by Marina Carpineti, Marco Giliberti and Nicola Ludwig and directed by Emiliano Bronzino, tells the story of three researchers involved in a mysterious situation. The play makes use of scientific demonstrations to talk about physics and how science is taught at school, stimulating a reflection on the didactics of science and what being a researcher means. The play was developed as a didactic tool in the framework of  the TEMI methodology. The playscript includes comments (scientific, theatrical and didactical) and can be adapted to shorter versions. Anyone interested to know more about collaborations to represent the play in your own country, is encouraged to contact us.