Irish TEMI final conference

TEMI Ireland is holding a TEMI National Conference on Tuesday June 7th in Limerick. This will give an opportunity to bring back TEMI teachers from all 6 cohorts to meet each other but also to share their work with other science teachers and stakeholders. The conference will include talks on showmanship by Paul McCrory and Tilman Andris and a Science Fair where the TEMI teachers will display their work. TEMI teachers wishing to attend are are expected to contact the organisers. The conference will run from 10 am to 4 pm in the Main Building at the University of Limerick. At the end of the project, the teaching resources created by the Irish team and TEMI teachers will be made available on Google Drive to all interested science teachers – teachers will just have to register on the site. Also on June 27-July 1st, the University of Limerick is running a Chemistry Demonstration Workshop, which uses many TEMI ideas. If anyone is interested, they should contact us for details.