Huge interest in Prague for TEMI workshops

In the last two cohorts, TEMI Czech Republic is experiencing a dramatic increase of the number of participants (from about 15-20 in the first cohorts to about 40 in the last, sixth one). A possible reason is a cascading effect of previous cohorts participants talking to colleagues and other teachers. This positive increase requires a new approach to the workshops. CUNI chemistry lab is designed to host about 20 people and therefore groups must be split in parallel sessions over a two-day workshop. TEMI Czech Republic is also constantly introducing new topics, though the approach remains the same – the teachers experience the TEMI methods and mysteries in the same way as if they were students, which makes the training more interesting for them. Some of the new mysteries in November were “Drawing with electrodes”, “Enquiry in the nano-world” and “Construction of a fire extinguisher”.