“Great effect, students will like it!”

TEMI workshops during the “Chemistry Days”, a congress held in Salzburg, Austria

The University of Vienna organised two TEMI workshops during the “Chemistry Days”, a congress held in Salzburg, Austria, from April 23rd to 25th 2014 by the Association of Chemistry Teachers in Austria. During each workshop – that lasted about 3 hours – the TEMI austrian partner presented the project to  20 teachers who were introduced to the inquiry-based learning and the idea of using mysteries in the class. Teachers were challenged to explore  in small groups the mysterious story of a  “Genie in a bottle”  following the guidelines of so-called inquiry level 1. The exercise was followed by  a plenary session where teachers discussed the learning goals and how to move from level 1 to  level 2 of inquiry.

When it came to explore autonomously three mysteries prepared by the University of Vienna – “Gelli Baff”, “Never Wet” and “Liquid or Solid”, – teachers fully engaged in fruitful discussions about the best level of inquiry to use to implement the activities in their classroom. At the end of the workshop, time was left to exchange impressions, reflect on the activities and hand out the material prepared by the University of Vienna. “I will try that at school!”, “Great effect, students will like it!”  said two of the participants, looking forward to the next two day TEMI workshop.

Do you want to know more about the levels of inquiry? Curious to know what “Genie in a bottle” is?  Looking for new methods to make your chemistry lesson effective? Contact us for the next workshop in your country!