carbon dioxide fizzy drinks gases Solubility
Age Group
13 14 15 16
Expected time
2 periods
The Mentos Cola fountain.PDF
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The cola-Mentos fountain

What’s the mystery? The Internet provides a large number of videos about the cola-Mentos fountain. There are also several media available that present the phenomenon as a challengeing show event. The challenge is to produce as high a fountain as possible. To do this, students need to enquire into the reasons and functioning behind the cola-Mentos fountain trick.
Domain(s) Chemistry.
Subdomain keywords Solubility, gases, carbon dioxide, fizzy drinks.
Age group 13 to 16 years old.
Expected time for the mystery Approximate time for teacher preparation: do not mention it.Approximate time in classroom: 90-min lesson.
Safety/supervision No hazards.Disclaimer: the authors of this teaching material will not be held responsible for any injury or damage to persons or properties that might occur in its use.
Preparation and list of materials Beakers, soft drinks (apple juice, cola, cola light, orange lemonade, sparkling water), sweets (Mentos, fruit gum drops, sugar-free Mentos, sugar cubes), spoons.
Learning objectives Students will learn about the solubility of gases.
Resources There are a number of YouTube videos showing the extent of cola-Mentos fountains: