Change cannot happen in isolation

Change cannot happen in isolation: it requires collective impact and a common understanding of the objectives to meet. This general consideration is true for science education as well as it has been observed that teachers have a bigger chance to introduce new methodologies in the classroom if supported by colleagues and headmasters. TEMI Norway – for example – selects participants to the TEMI workshops with the support of the school principals to ensure the training is a learning experience not only for the single teachers but for the entire school. The TEMI consortium is therefore pleased to participate to the 6th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab, organised by Scientix, addressed to Heads of Schools only. The aim of the event that will take place in Brussels in May 2015, from Friday 8 to Sunday 10 aims to present some successful examples of European STEM projects, including TEMI. The Sheffield Hallam University – the TEMI teacher training center in the UK – will lead a worksop about the Gradual Release of Responsibility and the 5E model, as practical examples of scientific teaching tools for raising achievement and motivation.