Temify your astronomy lessons!

If you are looking for resources and innovative methodologies to teach astronomy in your classroom, try it the TEMI way! The University of Leiden team incorporated the four TEMI innovations in 4 successful teachers’ programmes about astronomy: Universe Awereness, Space Awereness, Europlanet and AstroEDU. Find it more in the full article.

Universe Awareness The TEMI-methodology will be implemented in Universe Awareness teacher trainings in the Netherlands. During these teacher trainings, Dutch (pre-service) teachers learn about the use of astronomy and the Universe in a Box teaching kit in the classroom. Most astronomy activities will follow the inquiry based learning methodology, including the 5E-model.

Space Awareness The TEMI-methodology will also play a role in the Space Awareness online courses and teacher trainings.

Europlanet On 5 July 2016, the Dutch TEMI team participated in a science communication training for researchers by the Europlanet 2020 Research Infrastructure in Athens, Greece. This training provided an opportunity for scientists to come in contact with best practices in school engagement, encouraged them to build communication skills and confidence to engage with schools, and develop their own engagement session based on their field of interest. Furthermore, the workshop equipped participants with the knowledge needed to plan and execute engaging school activities effectively. In the future, Europlanet will organise more science communication trainings for researchers, which will include the TEMI-methodology.

AstroEDU All TEMI astronomy resources developed by Leiden University will be submitted to the astroEDU peer-reviewed online platform for astronomy resources.