A special horse

The year 2014 is slowly but surely coming to an end, Christmas trees are decorating our homes, the air is filled with the scent of candles and cookies. The TEMI team would like to take this opportunity to share with you the tale of the TEMI mascot, that we hope you will be able to meet at conferences and events over the next months. Credits go to Marina Carpineti from TEMI Milan, who wrote a story just perfect for the TEMI mysterious horse.

Once upon a time, there was a herd of horses living happily on a boundless prairie.

Their days consisted of specific activities, which they performed diligently every day. Everyone knew that practices should not be changed, and everything was expected to remain the same forever.

One day a calf was born. Everyone welcomed him joyfully, but soon realised that he was different from them. He had a ring of shaggy and dark hair around his neck like a collar. No one in the herd had anything like that, and the senior horses were sure that they had never seen one like him before. Moreover, he had two small bumps on his back. They could have been wings but…horses do not fly.  For these reasons, he was named Mystery, and the rest of the herd always feared him a little.

Mystery grew up happy and carefree, despite the curious glances he attracted from other horses. He loved to explore the world, and his curiosity often led him well beyond where the herd had ever ventured. He also had excellent hearing and could detect every little sound, which helped him learn new things quickly. There was no whisper across the prairie that could escape him.

One day a new sound came to his ears. There were some animals approaching. Although he had never heard these sounds before, Mystery realised immediately that these animals did not have good intentions. He tried to warn the other horses of the danger, but in vain. Unfortunately, it was grazing time and no one was willing to change their habits.

Suddenly, from behind some trees, men appeared. They were the animals that Mystery had heard, but no one at the prairie had seen them. The men were shouting and running. They whirled ropes over their heads  and caught the horses by the neck. One, two, three…the horses were trapped as other men appeared and surrounded the herd.

Mystery ran as desperately as  the other horses. Suddenly, he stirred the strange bumps on his back. He had never done that before, simply because he did not know that he could. No one had ever informed him of his ‘defect’…and he realised that he could fly. However, just when he was about to take off, a lasso captured him. It happened when he was just a little above the ground moving towards the sky. He feared that the lasso could strangle him by pulling him to the ground and probably crippling him. ‘Dear me’, he thought, ‘it would have been much better to be like everybody else.’ But as soon as he thought that, he realized that the lasso had not stopped him. The rope had passed right through the shaggy collar, and Mystery was now twirling in the air. It was an incredible feeling: from up there he could see the world in a completely new way. Another lasso tried to stop him, but once again, the rope passed through his neck leaving him free and allowing him to fly even higher, where no one could reach him.

His companions looked up whinnying in admiration. ‘Go’, they told him, ‘go and do not come back!’ The mystery was unveiled: the young horse was born to be free and see the world as no one else before him.

That is how Mystery experienced his second life and travelled around the world, moved by his insatiable curiosity.

It is said that one day he met a young mare hovering in the sky. She had two wings and a collar, exactly like Mystery, and she was also curious and eager to try everything that life could offer. She had left her herd because she had been isolated for her uniqueness. ‘Hello,’ he said, ‘my name is Mystery.’ She realised that she was no longer alone. She could feel it. She felt that it was the beginning of a great adventure. ‘My name is IBSE,’ she said, ‘I feel that we are going to do great things together!’

And they lived happily ever after with their young baby TEMI.