A mysterious cup made its appearance

cupThe TEMI mini mascot, the Pythagorean cup, made a mysterious appearance at a London art fair, as part of the inside out festival in London, where universities showcase their research work to the public. Queen Mary University of London ran a Magic Show, where, combined with the usual range of card tricks used to explain mathematical and computer science principles, the cup proved popular. The demonstration of how the ancient Greeks dealt with those greedy enough to want too much to drink engaged the audience. The exploration of how the cup worked was undertake using a flip chart and pen, where each of the designs for a possible solution was drawn and its properties discussed until, guided by the scientific clues, the true solution was revealed. The segment ended with the history surrounding the apparent design of the cup by mathematician Pythagoras, showing the audience that maths and mathematicians can have a sense of humour too.  If you want to know how to build a lesson around the  Pythagorean cup and the syphon principle, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!